On November 2nd, 2021, an equivalent of a palace coup ​d'état in military parlance under the engineering of Rt. Hon Paul Emeziem then Speaker IMHA took place in Imo State. On this day, Ndi Imo woke up to the buzzing sour news in all arms of the social media of the infantile and provocative move to attack the root of the 3R Government of the State via the dead on arrival attempt to remove the active, people and state oriented humane Deputy Speaker of the Imo 9th Assembly, Sir Amarachi Chyna Iwuanyanwu Jr-MR CAPACITY, on groundless charges of Parliamentry impropriety.

This calculated and well nurtured action of Hon Paul Emeziem howbeit poorly incubated in conjunction with the unceasing maneuvers of the coalition opposition group led by the Imo PDP was directly targeted to embarrass the Governor of Imo State Dist Senator Hope Uzodinma who has suffered unimaginable distractions from these harbingers of disharmony and disintegration since assumption of office. The innocent Deputy Speaker thus became the guinea pig to test run this devilish plan aimed at instigating internal insurrection in the IMHA that will eventually envelope the state on a volume that may lead to a declaration of a State of Emergency by the Federal Government hence ending the regime of Governor Uzodinma which remains the unfulfilled dream of the ever wailing opposition.

In recognition of the great deficiencies of the human society, Robert Schuller posited that, *It takes about one positive thought to survive and thrive to overpower the entire army of negative thought*. Having characteristically and expertly diffused this puckish maneuver, and being conscious of the fact that, *Words are the fog one has to see through*, the Governor has preparedly marched on to deliver quality and sustainable dividends of democracy as codified in his recently publicized program of action for the good people of the State. The State is set to launch a new and efficient state security outfit to complement the work of other security agencies. The hitherto veritable Development Centres that flourished in the days of HEs' Chiefs' Undenwa and Ohakim but which were irreverently discarded by the Sen. Okorocha regime of anything goes, will soon bounce back to life. Imo will soon again witness a properly and democratically organized LGA Election which last happened in the state more than a decade ago. Many more rural roads in the state will receive a facelift with the subsiding rainy season. The machinery is perfectly in place now to pay retirees and pensioners whatever outstanding arrears owed them. The Governor has promised Ndi Imo home and abroad a sweet and hitch-free yuletide as every security measure is on ground to make our people enjoy their home coming. These and many other life enhancing programs of the Governor are aimed at alleviating the harsh economic situation in the state unfortunately occasioned by both natural and human forces such as the #endsarsprotest, attack by unknown gun men, incessant security breaches, the induced and manipulated devastating fuel tanker driver's strike and the unending Covid-19 pandemic which has turned world economies into topsy- turvy.

For those who are constantly distracting the state, note that, *We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now, viz- Imo State piloted by Dist Senator Hope Uzodinma the Governor*. For those who have refused to acknowledge the positive development so far achieved under this government, note that, *Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable... Every step toward the goal of development, justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals*, so said Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We thank the Anglican Church that recently acknowledged the Governor and the feat made within the short life span of this administration and went on to pray for the good of the Governor, Government and people of the State. May the Good Lord continue to be with our Governor, the Government and the entire Imo People as we doggedly strive to overcome our traducers.


Mr. Dikeukwu F. M.
Analyst/Public Affairs Commentator.