Picking the best tires for the Activa bike is more critical to decreasing the odds of sad mishaps. These Activa models accompany unique and standard tires, yet after a specific period, they need substitution. Choosing and tracking down the best quality tire for your honda Activa turns into a more dreary occupation particularly when you are very little acquainted with it. Observing the scope of the best tires for Activa will make your ride more agreeable and safe. There are a tremendous accessible assortment of Activa tires planned by different tire producer compony. All of the assembling models of Activa tire are accessible with explicit key highlights and interesting innovation. Picking the right size tire for Activa is totally relies upon its model sort.

Here in this article, we will examine the top assembling brands of Activa tire makers including the highlights and kinds of tires. This data will assist you with discovering the best viable tires in the ideal size.


Metro tires are one of the notable and solid tire fabricating organization brands in India. With consistently expanding volumes of value items, this organization wandered into abroad business sectors. The organization is a generally recognize and undisputed market pioneer in its different sections.

Metro Navigator 3.50-10 tire is a cylinder tire that is 90 millimeters wide and 10 inches edge size. It is a reasonable tire for the front and back bike. This tire has the direction of track design as a power for getting superior execution with wear-safe track compounds. In addition, it has an unmistakable track plan and sections that give great foothold on all landscapes for security and reliable grasp in wet and dry circumstances. You will get a calmer and more secure ride with the metro Navigator 3.50-10.


Better mileage

Calm and smooth execution



As we realize that organization fitted tires with Activa is in every case great in execution however when you pick the custom-fitted, you want to check it cautiously. Purchasing the right size tires for Scooty empowers greatest useability and wellbeing. A couple of more key variables which you want to consider prior to purchasing the best tires for Activa.


Prior to buying tire for Activa or some other vehicle majoring the right size of tire is vital. The accessible assortment from the various makers of tires utilizes extraordinary innovation and determination with their items. You get to assess the nature of elastic, guarantee of tire and track plan. Purchasing a decent quality tire causes your vehicle to perform better with dependability, slowing down, and speed increase out and about. Each tire containing its size with the items, for example, if the tire size is 90/100-10 53J, it signifies

The width of tire is 90 mm.

The angle proportion of tire is 100.

The ideal measurement of the wheel is 10 inches.

The heap record of tire is 53 which shows the most extreme stacking limit.

Here J indicates the speed rating of wheels.


The scope of tires for vehicles primarily accessible in two classes, the first is tube-type tire and another is tubeless tires. Alongside it, the assembling of tire is primarily finished with spiral or predisposition handle.

Essentially, the predisposition tire is accessible with the development of a confuse design. The example gives more control and dependability out and about which makes your ride profoundly agreeable. However, the Bias tire loses its shape when you ceaselessly drive your vehicle at high velocity.

On account of spiral tire, they are made with Polyester, a belt of steel and other fiber which are available at the highest point of rope heaps. When contrasted with the Bias tires, the Radial tires are accessible with fast and execution. Likewise, the low moving obstruction helps in saving fuel utilization rates.


In little sections of bikes, Activa is perhaps the most well known scooter that are extremely simple to accessible in each home. That bike is an optimal decision for little outings and day by day employments. Be that as it may, because of its consistent uses, the old tire should be supplanted with the enhanced one. However, picking the right size of Activa tire is certifiably not a simple errand in case you are very little acquainted with it. All things considered, you want the assistance of specialists to get the best arrangement. Ashok Motors in Noida is one of the believed sellers of the best worth tire available to be purchased. From their internet based stock, you will get the total request for a bicycle or vehicle tire.

Here in this article, we have shared the best and profoundly proficient data for the best tires for Activa. The above data presents a couple of best assembling models of bike tires alongside the things you want to consider. #tyresforactiva

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