By Ogu Bundu Nwadike, M.A

It's not unusual and out of place for the good to be overlooked and vilified only for evil to be upheld and glorified. Our Lord Jesus Christ provides the most apt instance.

Despite all the signs and wonders he wrought in Israel, which made the Jews regard him as the Messiah, screaming "Hossana! Hossana!" behind him, all it took for them to swiftly turn against him, yelling "Crucify Him! Crucify Him" at Pilate's Court was just that he said he would rebuild the Temple in three days if it were destroyed!

The people were confused. They lived in ignorance. They perished. And after the crified Him and He breathed the last with a lot of signs and wonders testifying to crime, they regrdtted, saying "Truly, this man was the Messiah, the Son of God"!

In Imo State, Southeast Nigeria, the sitting governor, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma, has been doing a lot to deliver good leadership and good governance in order to enhance the standard of living of Imo people.

Yet, unsurprisingly, some people in the opposition, particularly of the PDP extraction have been undermining all the good work he does in the State, only to be emblazoning beyond true proportions whatever they deem negative about the actions and activities of the governor and his government.

While that may fit into the character and conduct of the opposition, it doesn't help in real terms in the desired growth and development of the State, which will be the to the overall good and benefit of Ndimo.

Contrary to the absurd belief of the opposition, it's immoral m, unpatriotic and self-immolating for anybody to choose to see the good done by the governor and his government with the negative eyes of it being bad.

Fortunately, the opposition is steadily being silenced by the good leadership and good governance deliveries by Governor Uzodimma. That's in spite of their struggle to see every good as bad and condemn all what they should join the good people of Imo State to commend.

The summary is that there's this trend of positives raving in Imo State under the very creative and productive charge of Governor Uzodimma. He's proved to possess a good understanding of the rubrics of sectoral balancing vis-a-vis the negative impacts of global economic melt down.

After State Executive Council adopted the recommendations of the Judicial Panel of Inquiry on Land and Related Matters, the governor constituted the "Implementation Committee On The Government White Paper On Lands And Related Matters", which has enabled the return of the recovered land to their rightful owners by Governor Uzodimma.

The land in question, running into over a thousand plots, were forcefully and illegally acquired by the then governor of the State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha. Governor Uzodimma recovered them, applying rule of law and due process best practices. Now, he has returned the recovered land to their owners.

Good people of Imo State are eulogizing the governor, commending and applauding him for his ebullience, gallantry and magnanimity. But expectedly, the opposition keeps mute, obviously seeking for how to attack the good gesture as bad.

Recently, Governor Uzodimma ordered the comprehensive renovation and refurbishing of all the Primary Health Centres in the 305 electoral Wards in the State. Ndimo commended and applauded, the Imo State House of Assembly not left out. But the opposition obviously hissed their disdain and disregard for the adroit move by the governor.

The education sector in the State is witnessing tremendous transformation. There's hardly any dilapidated schools. Most schools have modern roofs, modern toilets, libraries, laboratories, and other relevant facilities. Yet, all the opposition sees are anything they deem negative.

Road construction is in top gear across the State. Most urban roads have been fixed and made motorable. Emphasis is shifting to rural roads. The two signature road projects, the 35 kilometers Orlu-Owerri Road and the 57 kilometers Okigwe-Owerri Road, are at advanced stages of completion.

Obstructive roundabouts that made the urban roads awkward and retarded free flow of traffic, creating traffic gridlocks have been scraped away by the order of Governor Uzodimma.

Consequently, vehicular movement in Owerri municipality and other places where those roundabouts were erected have turned zoom zoom, as traffic is eased by the control of the very functional traffic lights that are duly obeyed by motorists.

Amid all of that, the opposition singles out only the roads that are still in the pipeline for construction, while not showing any appreciation to the governor and his government for the roads that have been fixed, which they enjoy driving on.

Recently, in an interview, Governor Uzodimma in his capacity as the father of all Imolites, urged Imo people living outside the State, who want to return to the State for Christmas and New Year celebrations to feel free to do so as their safety and security is guaranteed.

In response to that fatherly advice in view of the overt safety and security in the State, the opposition decided to float scare mongering to discourage those Imolites that may desire to return to the State for the Yuletide. According to Imo PDP, the State is too insecure for anybody in diaspora to consider returning to.

In sports and entertainment, in arts and culture, in agriculture and environment, in business, commerce and industry, Governor Uzodimma has also been growing and developing the State. And significantly, all his efforts are verifiable, assessible, and will past all measurement and evaluation tests!

That's the present chapter in the narrative about the wonderful work that Governor Uzodimma has been doing since his assumption in office as the executive governor of Imo State under two years.

By God's grace, Imo State must be rehabilitated, reconstructed and recovered!!