The concepts of integrity, probity, transparency and accountability are so positive that every normal person craves to be identified as having them in his/her character and conduct profile.

However, like the knowledge of the use of the computer, which is purely practical and is a matter of seeing is believing, possession of the character of integrity, probity, transparency and accountability are practical and seeing is believing.

You can't keep mouthing that you're "Mr. Integrity" but get yourself entangled in acts that are unedifying. For instance, compromising an electoral process to your favour robs you of all claims to being Mr. Integrity"! Ditto, probity, transparency, and accountability.

The "recovery" leg of the tripod of the 3R agenda of His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma, the Executive Governor of Imo State, has fully been consummated with verifiable successes in the recovery of grabbed university, land and looted treasury by the governor.

We're very much persuaded that in the clearest of terms, Governor Uzodimma's recovery agenda has succinctly situated in positive perspective his character of integrity, transparency and accountability in Imo State within his first 24 months in power.

There's no reason why the governor shouldn't now be honoured with the awards of "Mr. Integrity", "Mr. Probity", "Mr. Transparency", and "Mr. Accountability" and so addressed. He merits and deserves to be so identified and addressed.

He recently recovered a stolen university that was built with money belonging to the government and people of Imo State and registered by the National Universities Commission (NUC) as 2nd state-owned university in Imo State, the 42nd State University in Nigeria, and 143rd university in Nigeria.

Governor Uzodimma recovered over a thousand virgin land and land property from the land grabber, who illegally and unlawfully grabbed them from government and from individuals that owned them, and converted the land into his private estates, and boasting of owning over a thousand land in the State.

Now, the features of integrity, probity, transparency and accountability have been underscored in the way Governor Uzodimma returned the recovered university back the Government of Imo State and to Ndimo that own them.

The governor's attributes of integrity, probity, transparency and accountability have also been found in his return of all recovered land back to the Government of Imo State, and to Ndimo that are the rightful owners.

Nothing stopped Governor Uzodimma from playing politics of relooting the recovered looted university and looted land that's common among some other governors and people in leadership offices and positions.

But he chose to stand on the impetus of integrity, probity, transparency and accountability, by returning to "Lost and Found", the university and land that he recovered.

No thief or unscrupulous person can rightly lay claims to the highly elevated, much cherished nature, features and attributes of integrity, probity, transparency and accountability.

In other climes, that established character and conduct of Governor Uzodimma's earn a place in National Hall of Fame for the person that displays such feat of rare integrity, probity, transparency and accountability.

Ideally, whenever true leaders are sought by and for a society, people with proven flair for integrity, probity, transparency and accountability should be sourced and assigned duties and responsibilities of national, state and local government importance.

Well-meaning people of goodwill in Imo State and Nigeria should commend and applaud Governor Uzodimma for the feat of recovering stolen university and land and returning them to the rightful owners, without misappropriating them and turning them into his private estates.

By God's grace, Imo State must be rehabilitated, reconstructed and recovered!!
© Ogubundu Nwadike