The 3R government was inaugurated on 15th January, 2020 after the stolen mandate was restored by the Judiciary. To many people of obscene mind, under it's very limited period of existence, nothing positive have been witnessed.

¶ Just yesterday, 14th December, 2021, however another step forward in the positive development of Imo State was made with the Vice President of Nigeria Prof. Yemi Osibanjo commissioning the first ever Imo business cluster zone tagged the Shared Prosperity Fashion Hub at Amakaohia built by the 3R Governor. *Hope Is Not Working*.

¶ In less than two years in office and more than a decade in the memory of Ndi Imo, the Sitting President and Vice President of Nigeria have officially come to Imo State to commission verifiable projects, with Imo perfectly hooked up to the National Political grid. *Hope Is Not Working*.

¶ Three months into office, the government frontally and successfully confronted the unexpected outbreak of the ravaging Coronavirus pandemic that has to this day metamorphosed into dangerous dimensions like the delta and omicron variants of COVID-19. *Hope Is Not Working*.

¶ Soon after this, the Shared Prosperity Government, voraciously and successfully again fought another emergent situation the #@EndSarsProtest, that jolted the foundation of Nigeria. *Hope Is Not Working*.

¶ Like in the manner of the plagues of Egypt, the government yet again fought and won a fratricidal war that broke all bars of security in the state against a faceless group of invaders tagged Unknown Gun Men. *Hope Is Not Working*.

¶ The Government again faced and subdued the vile war waged by the leader of the failed Rescue Mission Government of between 2011-2019 because of the effective implementation of the Recovery Program which is one of the Cardinal Policies of the 3R Government. *Hope Is Not Working*.

¶ Under two years of existence, 43 cowardly lost and ceded Imo Oil Wells were confirmed recovered from the interloper. *Hope Is Not Working*.

¶ Owerri-Orlu and Owerri-Okigwe dilapidated roads of many years are today being efficiently reconstructed by the 3R Government contrary to the norm of patch patch and makeshift repairs under past regimes. *Hope Is Not Working*.

¶ It is on good record and today history that about 65 percent of the hitherto impassable internal/ring roads within the Capital City Owerri are now motorable with many more receiving serious facelift courtesy of the Shared Prosperity Government of less than two years. *Hope Is Not Working*.

¶ The decadent security situation witnessed early in 2021 that fiercely shook the live of this government has been brought under near maximum control though not totally eradicated through the concerted and dogged efforts of the 3R Government. *Hope Is Not Working*.

¶ The epoch making N4 billion empowerment of fifteen thousand Imo Youth in one swoop is not a feat achievable under a regime of financial profligacy. *Hope Is Not Working*.

¶ It is to the indisputable credit of the Shared Prosperity Government that the
Resuscitation/Revival of the moribund and long forgotten Heartland FC under the failed Rescue Mission Government (2011-2019), was accomplished. *Hope Is Not Working*.

¶ The recent up grading to standard and complete coverage of the then dilapidated and defaced Dan Anyiam Stadium that was before the cynosure of all eyes in the good days of the Iwuanyanwu Nationale FC is the handiwork of the Uzodinma administration. *Hope Is Not Working*.

¶ The inclusion of Imo as one of the few states that benefited $120M from the federal government sponsored special agric processing zone project for livestock was achieved by the current Governor. *Hope Is Not Working*.

¶ The control of the devastating erosion menace that ravaged the whole of the Owerri Capital Territory became history with the introduction of the balloon technology under the new born 3R regime of just 2020-2021. *Hope Is Not Working*.

¶ The Governor Uzodinma led APC Government in the state mid-wifed a harmonious and hitch free APC Party Congress from the Ward to the State level which is a direct opposite of what obtained previously where mere Party congresses usually turned bloody. *Hope Is Not Working*.

¶ The Reintroduction of Regular, Steady and Full Payment of workers' and Pensioners' monthly emoluments which has positively impacted on workers' efficiency and productivity is a feat achieved under the present government.
*Hope Is Not Working*.

Considering the afore listed tangible and intangible achievements of the less than two years old administration of H.E. Governor Hope Uzodinma, one is wont to ask, When would it be that 'The Shared Prosperity Government' is acknowledged to be Working? Dr. Seuss answered the above question saying, *You have brains on your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose*. This concurs with the popular saying that *Who can please the World*. Thus Dr. MLK, in lieu of the obscure nature of the human person said, *Never, never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way*.

To our Governor, Nobody scores 100% in human management because the human person is multifaceted. Don't relent. Do your best within available opportunities and leave the rest for posterity to judge.