False Kindness vs Hard Truth?

Law of Attraction vs WWJD?
(What would Jesus do?)

The version of me that others get, is based on the version of themselves they are willing to allow me to experience.

Want more clarity? I Am both of these guys. The version of me that shows up is co-depends upon the version of You that decides to show up!

This belief is based on the Law of Attraction.

This is what Jesus did, until he didn’t, and then he was brutally murdered.

True Story!

No, Really! They wrote a whole book about it....

Did you ever hear about the time Jesus became Angry and used profanity in the Temple?

There were people who decided to show up as the type of person Jesus did not tolerate! So what did he do? He used the most offensive profanity to describe their vile actions and then he kicked them out of His Father’s house!

Please do not ever use passiveness as a “stand alone sign” of Spiritual Intelligence or Superiority, nor as an example of “What would Jesus do?” ever again!

This myth has been debunked!