Over a year and some months ago since Gov. Hope Uzodimma reclaimed his stollen mandate from the supreme Court, he has gone down in history as the most vilified, blackmailed and maligned governor in recent time. Most blackmail and propaganda to his administration have come mainly from the People's Democratic Party, not necessarily because he is not delivering on his campaign promises rather they feel threatened that should he be allowed to work, they would lose the sympathy of the electorates, giving what has been able to achieve so far, hence the rising blackmail and propaganda by a selected few out of favour and narrow minded elements in the rank and file of the PDP.

The interest of who takes what and how come 2024 no doubt may have been the factor behind these lies and blackmail been peddled against the person of Gov Hope Uzodimma. The recent sponsored protest by some misinformed youths from Oguta against the federal government program attracted by Gov Hope Uzodimma to select communities in oguta which they termed as RUGA SETTLEMENT in diguise was unfortunate.

The false narratives peddled by the opposition that the government of Gov Hope Uzodimma wanted to establish RUGA settlement was a lie and a misinformation taken too far to pitch the people against the person of hope Uzodimma and moreso deny the people from getting benefits from the federal government program for which imo state was lucky to be enlisted as beneficiary amongst few states in the federation.

From what has happened so far in imo, one need not be told that Gov Hope Uzodimma has the interest of imo people at heart, he has shown so much interest in ensuring that imo benefits from every federal government program.

These hate and misinformation campaigns are becoming too many that if allowed to fester would throw our state into a dangerous trajectory where false perception would be taken as reality.

Truth and lies are too things imo people should take cognizance of regardless of where it is coming from.