YRUZ pronaunciation (vai·ruhz), may be similar to Virus (vai·ruhs) but it has the last letter changed, the whole idea behind it revolves around people and connectivity like a common Virus has, therefore sharing the same orientation and connecting people, in addition YRUZ doesnt contain any viruses, no harmful operations and is a platform like any other except the way of expressing yourself, on YRUZ you can express yourself freely without restrictions or any other way of blocking your voice on our platform, therefore everyone deserves to be heard. Share YRUZ with your friends, family, relatives, aquintences and people around the world, on our platform your voice will be heard. YRUZ is defined by its community isnt really owned by anyone, since if one person owns it then it defeats its purpose of a free-thought platform. Welcome, join in, invite others and share your creativity, thoughts and inspirations with others across the world. #yruz