In truth, it amounts to a waste of time and undue exertion of energy cracking one's brain in response to the frustrations of the Imo opposition coalition group that have lost bearing and thus clings on nothing to appear relevant. In their insensitive whining and witless efforts to demean the person of Governor Uzodinma and the Shared Prosperity Government for it's undeniable giant strides within just two years, this discordant opposition group have done both the thinkable and the unthinkable all aimed at destabilizing the state.

Having shouted themselves hoarse with the rude tag of Supreme Court Governor, danced and celebrated while Imo was burning under the vicious attack of the Unknown Gun Men, wished a no end to the induced devilish fuel tanker driver's strike, supported the illegal take over of Imo 17 Oil Wells by Rivers State, turned blind eye to and unappreciative of anything about the person of Governor Uzodinma, failed in the instigation of declaration of a state of emergency in Imo via the recently induced crisis by some irritants in the IMHA, and voraciously indulges hook line and sinker in celebrating anything but good in Imo under the leadership of H.E. Dist Senator Hope Uzodinma, this morass opposition group have unfortunately, pitiably, and shamelessly shifted their evil trade of infamy against the person of Governor Hope Uzodinma to far away Anambra State delusively believing to succeed.

*It is said that if you are dribbled remain dribbled than be dribbled a second time which brings shame and disgrace*. Expectedly, failure as in Imo awaits them in Anambra State. His Excellency as a law abiding citizen and a loyal Party Man was in Anambra State on a national assignment for the election which this same opposition group made vicious attempts to stop via their newly invented agenda of Sit-At-Home Order propelled by their militant wing. Noted for false alarm and coupled with the fore knowledge that the Fear of Governor Uzodinma in the South East, Imo inclusive is the beginning of political wisdom, they erroneously went to town in their bemused state of mind that Governor Uzodinma was going there to be lawless by doing the impossible. Having failed in their laborious efforts to frustrate that election and unfortunately again disappointed by Governor Uzodinma who ensured that the election was free, fair and rancour free making their voodoo prediction to come to naught, they quickly churned out another embarrassing propaganda of an imaginary $30m deal involving the Gentleman Governor and Senator Andy Uba. It is only those with foreclosed minds, who have been brainwashed by opposition propaganda, who refuse to see these achievements of Governor Uzodinma. If one may ask, where on earth can Andy Uba raise $30m? Is an Executive Governor of a State anywhere in the world not more than $30m? Have this envious opposition group in Imo taken over the task of the security agencies in Nigeria? These and many more are posers reasonable people will be asking the opposition. The resort to propaganda of calumny and utter disdain for their state Governor in the name of opposition is preposterous and condemnable. One indisputable fact is that, *The irresponsibility of the opposition haunts us and haunts them (opposition) more in a way and manner we can never foresee*. We are reduced each time a corrupt person or group gets away with their infamy, but strengthened when we destroy the motivation of those causing confusion in our State. Good and responsible citizens of Imo must therefore rise to save the state from the brink of irredeemable destruction by this vicious opposition group.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Uneasy we know lies the head that wears the crown. Our Governor must never be deterred but rather take solace in what Isaiah said in Ch. 14:11, *Behold all they that were incensed against thee shall be ashamed and confounded. They shall be as nothing, and they that strive with thee shall perish*.


Mr. Dikeukwu F M
Analyst/Public Affairs Commentator