Following the ordeal of Hon. Justice Mary Odili in which her residence was ransacked by yet to be identified persons, the opposition party PDP in Imo State and their league of collaborators cashed in on it to unleash their usual lies for which they are known, against the person and office of the Executive Governor of Imo State, His Excellency Dist. Senator Hope Uzodimma.

In their continued effort at maligning the Executive Governor and to further create chaos, tension and fear in the entire State, they quickly made a publication credited to the Hon. Justice in which they alleged that it was the Governor of Imo State that sent people to ransack the residence of Justice Mary Odili; What a way to fight a sitting Governor and government?

But today, God has exposed them and I therefore urge the general public to ignore whatever the PDP in Imo State says because they have never and will never say anything that is true. Their only stock in trade is to do or say anything that will burn Imo State down thinking by so doing, they will secure the sympathy of Imolites and possibly cash on it to win election come 2023/2024.

NOTE: The attached documents is an insider refute to the propagated falsehood by the opposition party in their desperation against the people of Imo State. This is just a hint to the extent they can go with falsehood and an affirmation of their glory in brewing anarchy and instability.
PDP keeps deceiving the people.


Imo shall prevail.