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INEC or Supreme court Governor: wailers be well and not wail.

By Eustace Okere

In every sane democracy world over, the court processes are in sync with the electoral processes. In fact, the two are integral features of democracy; as one cannot go without the other.

In other words, the court processes complement the electoral processes, where the latter is viewed by some contestants as unacceptable. It becomes therefore legitimate for the aggrieved individual cum party to seek redress in court other than resorting to extra-judicial acts, which are capable of causing political unrest.

It was the above backdrop that gave birth to the clause: "supreme court Governor" in Imo state, Nigeria. With this, I ask: is the court exempted from the democratic cum electoral processes? Do we want to sacrifice the judicial processes at the alter of electoral umpire's declaration? Well, if our answer to the latter question is in the affirmative, then remember the Igbo axiom that "a stick used to kill a clansman is always kept by the road side (osisi ejiri kugbuo nwannadi, ana-amabiweya n'akuku uzo)". This implies that what goes around comes around.

It is on record that when the All Progressives Congress (APC)'s governorship candidate in Bayelsa State, David Lyon was declared winner of Bayelsa State Election, the PDP candidate won through court litigation. Then, nobody remembered the above provocative assertion: "supreme court Governor". The wailers were happy and applauded the court for a job well done.

In Imo State, INEC declared PDP candidate winner of the 2019 governorship election; a development which APC and its candidate refused to stomach. This warranted litigation from the APC, which eventually won in court. At this point, there's a cry of injustice and false alarm from wailers.

What exactly are we forgetting? Or rather, what is our interest?

It must be stated without reservation that the law is amenable and anybody - plaintiff or defendant, can win in court with a good litigant. For me, this was what played out in Imo state in 2020 and the records need to be put straight.

Our concerns as good Imolites should not actually be hinged on political or partisan politics; instead, we should hinge our concern on the leader who is poised at delivering the dividends of democracy to Ndi Imo. This should be our priority, instead of being petty with partysanship.

Of a truth, I'm tempted to believe that the current Prosperity Government of Sen Hope Uzodinma, is being distracted by detractors and wailers. It's high time we gave the administration the necessary cooperation as we gave the previous Rebuild Imo administration of Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha; since both are Imo sons with the singular intention of moving Imo forward.

Let the wailers be well and not wail again. The rains are over and we expect resumption of work at various road construction sites. We expect prompt payment of workers' salaries, pensions and more. We expect youth inclusiveness and "shared prosperity" from the current administration. I'm optimistic that there's HOPE.

May Imo prevail!