By Collins Ughalaa KSC

Should we, as people of Orlu Zone, vilify, blame our son, brother, father, uncle, who journeyed to the lion's den and retrieved 'meet' from the Jaws of a lion?

Should we condemn our brother who went to the land of the spirit, wrestled them, collected 'fire' from them and brought it home, especially when he did not violate any law?

Or, should we gather and give him the title of Ogbuagu 1, Ogbaturuenyi 1, Dike N'agha 1, Dike Eji Eje Mba 1, Odogwu, Etcetera?

On the other hand, should those whose brother, son, father, uncle, failed them by not getting the job done, vilify or blame other people's Odogwu, Ogbuagu, Ogbaturuenyi, Dike N'agha, Dike Eji Eje Mba, for getting the job done, especially when he did not violate any law?

That was what the PDP did in the name of the 4th anniversary of "Egbu Declaration" christened MMEGBU ADIGHI MMA. They preached hate. They tried to blame others for their brother's failure. Now they want to blackmail Orlu with the sermon called 'Equity'.

Charity begins at home. Emeka has gone for governorship twice on the platform of the PDP. He should allow others do same. Or, is he the only person from Owerri Zone? Is he the only 'good' person from Owerri Zone? Or, is he the only 'qualified' person from Owerri Zone?

The last time we checked Owerri Zone parades an array of 'good', 'qualfied' persons. Let them get the opportunity to try. Who knows? They may get the job done.

Owerri Zone should leave Governor Hope Uzodimma alone and blame their son, Emeka, instead. Because he failed before and now, his people should not send him again. It's ok.

Let another person try if he believes in equity. Because the last time we checked, equity does not mean the same thing Emeka Ihedioha.