Ever Selfish and Self centered Ihedioha....

At a time like this when stakeholders in Southeast are seriously brainstorming on how to secure the release of their son Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, what is paramount to Emeka Ihedioha now is campaign to contest the governorship of Imo State that the election is still two years plus away.....Shame.

At a time like this when concerned political gladiators beyond party affiliation and entrepreneurs are profiling solutions on how to end security challenges in the Southeast, Emeka Ihedioha is engrossed with 2023/2024 Imo State gubernatorial election campaign as if his life is tied to the governorship of Imo State...Shame.

At this auspicious time, what should interest any sane mind is governance and engaging the government of Imo State constructively and objectively on areas they need to concentrate on and not to distract the governor with political campaigns...Indeed, Emeka Ihedioha is alone ranger..

At this present time, Imolites irrespective of political party affinity are working assiduously and praying fervently for the retrieval of 43 Imo State oil Wells wrongly ceded to Rivers State but Emeka Ihedioha is busy playing the ostrich game....What a sabotage?

Those cheering Emeka Ihedioha should please remind him that he is too weak politically and he lack the required tact to fly Owerri zone ticket to contest the Governorship of Imo State again, if need be, Owerri zone shall project a more vibrant, competent and resilient young man with visible political connectivity to contest.

Owerri zone shall never delegate a political orphan like Emeka Ihedioha again to fly our flag...Within Mbaise, Mbaike and Owerri Municipal bloc, there are many quality men that can represent Owerri zone.

It was as a result Ihedioha’s arrogance, bitterness and self centeredness that he was edged out from the seat 💺 of Imo State Governor that was wrongly awarded to him by INEC. Had it been that he played his card very well without wasting his time chasing shadow, he would have remain the Governor of Imo state today but no, he was busy chasing Ugwumba Uche Nwosu’s wife with his thugs, even to the extent of slapping the innocent lady on the street...

Emeka Ihedioha, enough is enough.....

Emeka Ihedioha, Mmegbu Adighi Mma, Equity says that you should allow others try their luck.

Emeka Ihedioha, morality comes first before right and it says that you lack the moral competence to think of seeking the support of Owerri zone and Imolites in general to be their Governor.

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