I read with concern, the stench of a write-up by one Collins Opurozor, a demented, power-hungry, negotiated member of the ill-fated "INEC NEGOTIATED" , illegally declared administration of selfish and self-centered Emeka Ihedioha, in which he opined that Imolites should not come home for Xmas as there is neither security nor good roads in Imo State under the watch of Senator Hope Uzodinma.

Ordinarily, one would just read and skip the idiotic display of insanity by a young man from whose mouth oozes odour typical of a decomposing corpse and who was recently discharged from a psychiatric hospital but for the public to be in the know of the true situation in Imo State.

It will be recalled that immediately the Supreme Court discovered that there was a negotiation between the INEC, PDP and Emeka Ihedioha against Senator Hope Uzodinma as a result of which his votes were removed, the Supreme Court removed the illegal occupants and returned the rightful owner of the mandate precisely on the 14th of January, 2020.
Following the above, on the 9th of February, 2020 the illegal Deputy Governor of the ill-fated negotiated administration Hon. Gerald Ironna went berserk and threatened before the press that if Supreme Court fails to reverse the judgement, that he (Ironna) was going to make "IMO STATE UNGOVERNABLE" and true to his words, few months later, Imolites woke up to the menace of what is today known as unknown gun men. A witch cried in the night and a child died in the morning. Do we need a Prophet to know what happened? The answer is NO

Following the emergence of this, His EXCELLENCY Dist. Senator Hope Uzodinma immediately went back to his drawing board, rolled out strategies and actions to ensure the security of lives and property of Ndi-Imo and today people can now sleep with their eyes closed unlike what it used to be at the time the PDP sponsored terrorists held sway.

It is on this premise that His Excellency Dist. Senator Hope Uzodinma having seen the calmness and having put in place fresh security strategies, action plan and having made security of our people a priority, called on Imolites to joyfully come home for Xmas as their security is assured.

Instead of appreciating the Governor on this milestone, ( how would they applaud him for defeating their army) the PDP turned around to tell people not to come home, creating a sense of insecurity.
To me, it appears that the PDP has concluded plans to sponsor another round of terrorism in the State to ensure that Imolites did not return home for Xmas simply because they don't want people to come home and see the good works of Hope Uzodinma. The PDP as a Party that wines and dines on fake News, do not want our people to know the truth hence the attempt at ensuring that nobody comes home for Xmas.

I will advise that the security agencies should wake up to their responsibilities because I do not understand the reason why Ironna and other negotiated members of the ill-fated Ihedioha administration should be walking the streets after carrying out and have continued to carry out their threats.

On the area of road construction, the government of Imo State under Senator Hope Uzodinma has in less than two years, completed over twenty roads and many others are under construction. This is a feat no governor has ever recorded in Imo State.
His Excellency has also within this two years, turned Owerri capital territory into a modern town befitting of a Capital City through his Urban Renewal Plan. Electricity supply in the State has also increased unlike what obtained in the previous administrations, traffic gridlock is a thing of the past, flooding has been controlled through the completion of the underground balloon technology, a brain-child of the 3R masquerade.

All is set and Imo is safe so Imolites should come home in their numbers to behold with their eyes the "NEW IMO" as Recovered, Rehabilitated and Reconstructed by the administration of His Excellency Dist. Sen. Hope Uzodinma.

© Henry Emerekowe
Public Affairs Analyst