Imo state undoubtedly is gradually coming back to its glorious days at a period when most narratives points to blackmail other than commendations to the efforts of the Shared prosperity goverment.

Against all odds, the story of imo state under Gov Hope Uzodimma has been a cheering one as people oriented Developmental projects takes the center stage.

While dilapidated roads that ravaged the state may appear to overshadow the Developmental projects of the shared prosperity goverment, it is Worthy of mention that successive administrations fleeced the common wealth of the state through building of substandard projects, critical infrastrutures in imo before Gov Hope Uzodimma came on board were either collapsing or totally in ruins.

In the light of this, one needs no soothsayer to know that with time the Developmental efforts of Gov Hope Uzodimma will in no distant time be made manifest across all sectors of the state.

Despite the coordinated media attacks by the opposition to distract and consequently discredit the infrastrutural revolution been achored by the shared prosperity goverment, Gov Hope Uzodimma has continued to champion delivery of people oriented projects.

Imo state within the last one year has witnessed unprecedented infrastrutural development, over 48 road networks has been reconstructed within the state capital, owerri-orlu and owerri-okigwe link_roads nearing completion, imo state polytechnic Omuma completed, traffic congestion taken care of, free transportation for civil servants and many more.

Gov Hope Uzodimma has also empowered over 15 thousand imo youths with seed fund of N250k to start businesses, given the trickle up impact these economic empowerments will have in imo in the nearest future, it may not be out of place to say that imo would be the business hub of South East.

Nobody argues with results, the impact of the 3R agenda in imo state would be far beyond what we are seeing now , all we owe Gov Hope Uzodimma now is commendations and as well turn deaf ears to blackmails which seeks to divert his attention and consequently discourage him from continuing further the infrastrutural revolution in place now.

© Sam obi
17 Nov 2021