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List of the Top Brands who Manufacture and Distribute Quality Adjustable Beds!

Buying a new bed can be the once-in-a-year investment. Inveset in the best latex adjustable bed to improve your health.

To give you the list of top manufacturers and brands that sell the best adjustable beds, we tested dozens of latex adjustable bed models based on pressure relief, edge support, odor potential, and temperature regulation.

  1. Zenhaven Adjustable Latex Bed – Best Overall! Saatve is a luxurious mattress company known for its ever-lasting comfortable beds. The Zenhava all-latex adjustable bed has two different sleeping surfaces; Medium Soft and Firm. The heavier parts of the body receive more support and comfort with its five-layered firmness zone.
  2. Amerisleep Organica – The Ultimate Comfort: Best known for its memory foam beds, the latex hybrid bed is a standout model on its own. A 3-inch layer of natural Talalay latex gives a precise balance of light support and contouring. The cover of this latex adjustable bed is made with breathable organic cotton, which absorbs less body heat.
  3. Spindle Organic Latex – Perfect for Back Pain: This best latex adjustable bed is three-layered natural latex with a Dunlop process. This feature softens the effect of the pressure point without allowing pressure sinks or holes.
  4. Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Hybrid – Best for Cooling effect: The best latex adjustable bed equipped with extra features to improve breathability and temperature regulation. It is constructed with the ventilated Talalay latex layer and is coiled in pockets to support the core.

The Best Latex Adjustable Bed – The Ultimate Appeal of Every Sleeper


  • Pressure-relieving: This Best Latex Adjustable bed has elastic properties which can balance and respond quickly to your body weight, movement, and shape. This bed gives great pressure relief to the heavy parts of your body.
  • Sturdy as Rock: Made to promote a night of better sleep, the latex adjustable bed is naturally resilient to maintain its performance and shape for a longer time.
  • No more Flipping the Mattress! The adjustable latex beds are easy to maintain. These beds are created single-sided mattresses, so you don't have to burn your sweat, flipping it now and then.
  • Wash Away the Allergies: The elastic structure of latex is naturally resistant to dust, making it easier to maintain a fresh bed surface while giving a healthy sleep environment.


Sleep on Cloud’09 with The Best Latex Adjustable Beds!

The majority of the people spend roughly a third of their lives in bed, which makes it more important to choose a bed that completely satisfies you to the core! From readers to people who watch TV in bed, the adjustable latex beds have great appeal.

The Best Latex Adjustable Beds are designed to promote a healthy lifestyle by giving maximum comfort in sleep. This bed is remote-controlled, easily operated - meaning you will be in charge of your own sleeping experience. You can find your ideal and comfortable sleeping position by raising or lowering your bed frame.


Final Thoughts:

The Best Latex Adjustable Beds are specially designed to promote a better and healthy lifestyle by improving the sleeping pattern of every individual. With the natural spine alignment and temperature regulation, this bed can help you mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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