Things that only flight attendants are supposed to know

Have you ever wanted to know what is the inside information about an airplane? For those wondering know them with the things that only flight attendants are supposed to know.

No one knows the more inside details and knowledge about flying and what goes inside an airplane beside a flight attendant. Once known as a glamorous job, being a flight attendant is one of the hardest jobs now. Further, flight attendants have to work continuously for hours that can go up to days sometimes. Also, no matter how rude a passenger is to them there profession doesn’t allow them to be rude in return. And instead, they have to serve them and politely request them whenever they ask for something.

If you are a frequent traveler who claims to know everything about flying, you should reconsider the claim. Further, to know the not many known facts about flying read the article carefully. Because here we are going to share the things that only flight attendants are supposed to know.

Let’s know the things that only flight attendants are supposed to know

The airplane food is as unhealthy as bad it looks

If you think that airplane food only doesn’t look nice but is ok to eat then you are wrong. The food served at the airplane is as unhealthy as bad it looks. Further, this food has no nutritional value and contains excessive salt, sugar, and oils. Also, the greasy texture of the food can easily cause indigestion, bloating, or other stomach problems.
Don’t worry if you have a flight scheduled and are worrying about how to avoid airplane food. There are several ways to do so like taking a lunch box on your next flight from the USA to London. In the lunch box, you can pack dry snacks including dry fruits, nuts, salads, and sandwiches. Also, if you are having connecting flights then you can look for good restaurants nearby the airport.

If a flight door stays open, flight attendants will not be getting paid
Well, flight attendants only get paid for the hours they spend on the flight. Thus, until the flight door is open and passengers are getting inside the plane, flight attendants aren’t getting paid for it. Thus, next time while boarding Direct flights to Italy from US don’t stay stuck by the gate.

They have to look a specific way

Although the requirement list from flight attendants has gone short over the years, they still need to maintain some standards. These requirements include maintain proper physical health and look groomed. Above this, the male flight attendant should not have any facial hairs or have a well-trimmed mustache. Further, female flight attendants aren’t allowed to color their hair with unnatural colors.

Also, many airlines require their flight ticket reservation, attendants to have a clean and perfect smile. And thus, the most pay often visits the dentists or bleach their teeth. However, being an exception some airlines don’t want their employees to get their teeth bleached.

They should be tall 

Further, making a successful career as a flight attendant is difficult for short people. The minimum height asked for a flight attendant goes around 5 feet while the maximum is 6 feet 3 inches.
Also, the flight attendants need to be perfectly groomed and aren’t allowed to have tattoos or piercings. While airlines like BritisAirways are setting an example by allowing their employees to do so. However, they need to cover their tattoos and piercing thus they don’t catch the passenger's eyes.

They constitute the first line of defense

Well, for many who still think of flight attendants as just servers, this comes as a surprise. In recent years many flight attendants have reported people and have prevented many accidents. Being around people all day long helps them to identify suspicious behavior easily.
Also, under the extensive training they receive, they are taught to handle illegal activities. And there is a complete process for this which starts from notifying the pilot about it. Further, the pilot communicates the news to the higher authorities to meet at the landing spot. Keep this in mind, you try to think of a flight attendant as a waiter only.

They know that the airplane coffee is a bad choice

The water is stored in thin tanks in an airplane that is hard to clean thoroughly. And thus, it is easier for bacterias to develop in the corners and contaminate the water. Thus, drinking a coffee that doesn’t come with a bottle or a can will be a bad idea.


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