Storm Damaged Trees - Can I Save My Tree?

Repair the storm tree damage and clear the mess after the stormy season by hiring a professional storm damage tree service company.

Natural disasters such as torrential rain, wind storm, and floods cause mass destruction and damage to your trees and residential and commercial buildings. There are two categories of storms: major or minor. Both cause crown twist, root failure, blow over, stem failure, branch failure, and lightning. All of them create different tree problems and climates. It is better to repair the storm tree damage and clear the mess after the stormy season by hiring a professional storm damage tree service company. You must know how their team of experts can help you. Will you do this task yourself? Here are some repairing tricks for storm-damaged trees.

How to repair storm-damaged trees?

Inspect the damage

Whether you are hiring a storm damage tree service or repairing the damage yourself, the first thing is to inspect the damage intensity. Make preparations accordingly. Inspect several broken branches, damaged forks, and other messes. It will help you understand how much effort you will have to make. Ask yourself if you will have to hire a professional storm damage tree service or do it yourself. Measure branch’s length that needs repair. It will help you arrange tools that you will use if you are handling this situation alone.

Clear additional mess

Storms create great damage and make a huge mess. After inspecting the level of damage, start cleaning the mess and set aside all broken branches that you can hold easily. Broom the remaining debris and put it into the dustbin. Use broom and dustpan or other tools. Cover your feet and wear slippers while cleaning. Clear the area and leave that you can’t clean with your hands. Contact the best storm damage tree services for help. You can also hire them without doing anything. Their team will know to handle this step.

Remove damaged branches

Remove measured branches that must be smaller than three inches in diameter by using pole-pruner or pruner shears. It will make a clean cut without tearing bark tissue and taking your extra time. Use a sharp saw with a safety harness and a rope to remove larger branches. You can also use the process of three cuts for huge branch removal. Cut the tree from the underside, overcut the area beyond the undercut, and continue cutting unless you remove the damaged branch completely from the tree. You give a flush cut to eliminate the remaining stub. If you feel any difficulty while implementing this method, you can hire storm damage tree services.

Wound treatments

Tree cutting and damage repair aren’t easy. There is a possibility of tree wounds. You can cover large ones through wound dressing or pruning paint. According to the storm damage tree services research, paint and dressing don’t increase the healing rate. However, it gives a cosmetic effect and prevents drying out. You will have to apply orange shellac suffice. You can also use commercial materials. You can also repair areas of torn bark where you have made tracing.

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