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7 Signs Indicating That You Should Acquire End of Line Automation

Businesses are evolving in parallel to the technological innovations and advancements in this ever-evolving world. Customer demands also increase with time, and companies are experiencing pain points while striving for customer expectations.

Businesses are evolving in parallel to the technological innovations and advancements in this ever-evolving world. Customer demands also increase with time, and companies are experiencing pain points while striving for customer expectations. These pain points include labor issues, bandwidth limitations, labor issues, and more.  It depicts that automation in the material handling system is crucial in every warehouse to streamline operations and global competitive edge. 

1. Multiple Products and Lengthy Changeovers 

Suppose that a warehouse manager hand over the handling of multiple products to the warehouse worker. In that case, he will take almost 4 to 8 hours to transport those products from one location in a warehouse to another location. Similarly, product changeovers also consume ample time if warehouse managers do not acquire automated handling systems. That is why the warehouses need to head over to the end of line automation as it drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to change over products on the lines. Not only this, such solutions streamline the warehouse processes and enhance the productivity of the entire business. 

2. Repetition of Simple Operations 

Simple and repetitive processes are usually dull for the labor force of the warehouse. Moreover, human labor is not fast enough to perform such repetitive and simple tasks. If you are investing in the labor force to perform such functions for the warehouse, the best practice is to invest once in a while and purchase robust material handling equipment for end of line automation. Such equipment will cut down the labor cost of your business, make the warehouse processes efficient, and allow the warehouse workers to focus on some high-priority tasks.  

3. Material Wastage

There is an increased amount of material wastage often when warehouse managers use manual labor in packing lines no matter how much time they have spent training their team. Material wastage is toxic for the environment and the globe in which we are living. So the best practice to deter material wastage is substituting manual pallet wrapping to semi-automated pallet wrappers. Automated packing lines are more precise as compared to manual labor. 

4. Packages Per Minute (PPM) 

Identify what you require for output, or packages-per-minute (PMM) is now, what you anticipate it will be over the upcoming 12 to 24 months. Hiring manual labor for the packing of products proves to be a tedious process. Tedious packing processes affect the overall efficiency, profitability, and productivity of the warehouse. In addition, end of line automation can save more than $6,000 annually depending upon the labor cost structure with automation. 

5. Labor Cost vs. Automation Cost

Suppose that you are a warehouse manager and you just have one employee who is working the manual equipment. His pay is $15.00 per hour, completely loaded, such as worker’s comp, social security payments, unemployment insurance, and more. In such stances, automated material handling equipment and a piece of packaging machinery such as an automated product sealer can pay themselves off within a year while reducing the labor cost of the business. 

6. Employees Can’t Keep Up 

Humans are prone to error. Committing mistakes is human nature. First of all, warehouse managers review the labor force while peaking into packaging automation.  Customer demands are increasing by leaps and bounds in this ever-evolving world, and the warehouse teams are barely making their targets. Such increasing customer demands are putting strain on the limited bandwidth. Such evolving needs also cause stress in the work environment. It can lead to high labor turnover and numerous employee injuries. It is directly related to your packing processes, and it is a good reason you need to consider the end of line automation. 

7. Markets and Demands

As mentioned earlier, customer demands are evolving by leaps and bounds in this ever-evolving world. People want product delivery at the right time in the correct position. Developing an understanding of target demands and projecting for the business’s potential growth indicates that it is high time for companies and enterprises to acquire end of line automation. Automated handling systems help businesses to manage their overall operations cost as well as customer and market demands. 


All the signs mentioned above indicate that it’s high time for a business to acquire end of line automation to streamline its operations. The world in which we are currently living completely relies on automation. End-of-line automation offers a better bottom line and increases the throughput of the warehouse year after year. End-of-line automation solutions provide in-motion scales, manifesting, print applications, apply applications, carton forming, induction, packing, sealing, stretch wrapping, palletizing, trailer loading, and unloading. Hence, it is high time for warehouses and distribution centers to acquire automated material handling solutions. 

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