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10 Best Weekend Getaways In Europe

Looking for the best weekend trip locations across Europe? Or for the must-visit weekend travel places in Europe? Find them with the top 10 best weekend getaways in Europe.

Looking for the best weekend travel places to visit across Europe? Or the must-visit weekend trip to take to in Europe? Take help from our guidebook on the top 10 best weekend getaways in Europe.

Europe provides one of the best weekend getaways in the world. And thus, European locations are loved to provide the best weekend holidays across the world. However, the richness of Europe overwhelms its travelers to choose a perfect weekend getaway location. And thus, to help you with that we have brought you the 10 best weekend getaways in Europe.

Let’s know the 10 best weekend getaways in Europe


If you enjoy city life and the fast pace of life, London is perfect for a weekend visit. Also, no matter what experiences you are planning to have, you can experience them in London. Take a flight from USA to London to enjoy a beautiful getaway in the city.

There is so much that this beautiful city has to offer that travelers can never fall short of options. The home of the popular Buckingham Palace is the city of Royalty. Along, with this, the city is also the home to Westminster Abbey, a 7th century Christian Church. If you are interested in the British royal family then you must know this palace as the venue of royal weddings.


No matter if you are planning a weekend trip or a long adventure, Paris is a go-to location in Europe. Further, this most popular city in Europe is also the best weekend getaway in Europe. Moreover, the city is filled with opportunities for a perfect weekend holiday.

Spend your time here, exploring the gorgeous roadside cafes and the well-cemented streets. Don’t forget to climb up the Eiffel Tower and enjoy the most magnificent views of the city. Also, Paris is a wonderland for couples who are planning a romantic getaway in Europe. Thus, if your weekend getaway is dedicated to romance, the best option is right n front of you.


Take direct flights to Germany from USA to enjoy the beautiful history and culture of Berlin. This city is the perfect weekend location for travelers looking for learning more about Europe. Thus, if you are fascinated by the continent and want to know Germany visit here.

Moreover, there are many things to do in Berlin including the city’s beautiful museums and art galleries. Thus, you won’t get bored or fall out of things to do on your weekend.


If you are looking for a festive getaway then there is no place better than Prague. However, the city is beautiful throughout the year, and thus you can visit Prague anytime you want. Moreover, the city is one of the most popular winter getaways in Europe with the best Christmas markets.

Along with the beautiful Christmas markets, there are many beautiful places to visit in Prague. Thus, including the most popular places of the city in your travel plans to the Czech Republic.


Best explored through walking, Dublin is one of the best European weekend getaway locations. Moreover, the capital city of Ireland, Dublin is popular for its easy-to-use transportation system. Thus, if you are looking for a travel destination that doesn't have a complicated transportation network like London, Dublin provides that to you.

Further, there are many things to do in Dublin for an authentic city experience. Also, the best things to do here include Guinness Storehouse, one of the best Irish music pubs in Ireland. Moreover, don’t forget to explore the local street food of Dublin and drink Irish tea on your visit here.


Well, there is no match for Venice's beauty and thus it is a popular weekend getaway destination in Europe. Further, Venice is an ideal location for couples looking for a romantic getaway in Europe. Further, if you are looking for a weekend getaway that includes a cruise experience then Venice should be your first choice.

Also, this city of steep canals and water-filled streets is famous among travelers for its gondola rides. And that is a must-have experience for everyone at least once in a lifetime. Book Direct flights to Italy from US today for travel to Venice.


Istanbul is one of the most popular weekend getaway locations in Europe and is perfect for a visit. Further, this Turkish city is one of the best places that provides the best Turkish experiences. Also, there are a lot of things to do in Turkey including tasting the popular Turkish Tea. Also, if you are interested in kitchenware then the one used in the country will surely delight you to have some pieces for your kitchen

Moreover, the city is a cultural hub that fits perfectly between Asia and Europe. And thus, is a great location for travelers looking to enjoy the best cultural and traditional Turkish experiences.


This beautiful elephant capital city of Scotland is a must-visit getaway travel location in Europe. Further, the city is the center of Scottish culture and history and thus is loved by history buffs. The city is an ideal mini version of Scotland, hosting the best things about the country.

Further, there are many things to do here including shopping on Princes Street. Also, don’t forget to take a walking tour of the Scottish city center. Moreover, to feel like the Scottish prince or princess, pay a visit to Edinburgh Castle.


One of the most popular and bike-friendly European weekend getaway locations, Amsterdam has everything you are looking for. Further, if you are looking for an environment-friendly weekend then you must visit the Netherlands. And we are sure that your weekend holiday will be extended by the city’s beauty into a week-long trip.

Further, this beautiful city is the home to many popular museums that you can visit to know the art and history of the Netherlands.


The hidden gem of Europe, Bergen is a perfect location to spend a weekend in Europe. Further, the city is a perfect weekend trip location for travelers looking for the best urban experiences in Norway. Here, you should spend time enjoying the amazing seafood platters served by the city.


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