Monk 5E Wizard Guide

The Monk 5e Magic Save DC Checklist is one of the most used classes in any D&D game. Even other prestige classes like the ranger or the shaman

The Monk 5e Magic Save DC Checklist is one of the most used classes in any DD game. Even other prestige classes like the ranger or the shaman don't get much use out of them because their saving throws aren't very high. For this reason, they are often considered to be “survivable", but not very good at anything else. However, the Monk can actually dish out a lot of damage with its skills and abilities, but when it comes to actually winning battles, it tends to be underwhelming.

So, what is needed to make the Monk shine?

Items: The first thing you will need to have as a Monk is a staff. They have different functions, and you need to know which ones you use more frequently. Some spells do more damage on a specific level, so you will want to pick up these spells. For example, you will need to have a staff that has Energy Blasts on it at level 10 for the Dispel magic spell to work properly.

Gear: The second thing you will need is decent gear. You can easily get away with wearing whatever you want as long as you get lots of +skill bonuses. This makes the Monk class ideal for anyone looking to grind levels quickly. However, the armor isn't very high, so you won't be able to cause too much damage with them.

Flasks: The third item you will need is the rest of your spells in a healing class style. There are plenty of healing spells that can hit multiple targets, so you will want to have at least one in each group. There are some neat tricks you can pull with this class. For example, when casting a Hot, your healers will do extra damage and even crit if they are moving at all. However, if they are standing still, the spell will only crit and no healers will be able to cause heals.

Once you get both the Hot and the mana potions

You should consider spending points in both. The potions are only good if you are going to level cap fast. They won't help much if you are struggling, and that's just fine. After you finish up with your first set of spells, the rest of your spells are pretty much worthless webnews21.

Gear: Once you get into the mid-level stuff, everything should fall into place. You will be able to take on all the challenges of this magic class. You will be able to get all the spells you need pretty much by leveling with this class. However, you will still need to have gear set up in the early part of the game. You will need to get all the enchants you can (if you want to use magic!)

If you are having trouble leveling your monk, then you may want to check out the monk race. This will really improve things for you. With the right mix of bonuses, you will get almost instant spell growth. You won't be limited by your gear, and you won't feel like you are playing a pure-magic character, because your spells will be strong enough to kill most enemies.

I haven't mentioned yet how you can get all the enchants you need

You can get every enchantment on your gear, and even more, if you go for the enchants you aren't getting yet. You can also get items that will give you more abilities to cast spells. By the time you hit the level cap, you will be able to make a very impressive party. This is my favorite class to play because it feels amazing when you get all those spells working for you. This is what makes the monk such a fun class to play.


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