At-home treatments prove to be more successful and faster than the treatment provided in a hospital. This happens because the patient is in the environment of his own home. This greatly affects the physiological behaviour of the patient and motivates them to recover better and faster. After all, everyone’s utmost priority is to see their nearest and dearest out of pain and any sort of misery.

People who suffer from life-threatening illnesses or conditions require extra care during their treatment. They have to make excessive trips to the hospital for a professional health care service. This process can be tiresome and time-consuming. Therefore, people look forward to the availability of highly trained professionals and ICU-trained nurses from the comfort of their own homes. 
In the current time and age, finding a reliable professional can prove to be an intricate job. One can never be entirely sure of the reliability and authenticity of the skill-set offered by regular ICU-trained nurses at home.   
Therefore, considering these qualms and uncertainties of any human, “Holistic Healthcare Services” has brought forward a solution to that. “Holistic Healthcare services” offer highly trained and professional ICU trained nurses in Karachi and other cities.
These professionals are familiar with every possible condition and requirement for a patient that needs intensive care. They are trained to work under stressful conditions and are capable of performing any procedure immediately at home. Their compassionate and attentive behavior with the patients makes their performance and results stand out.
The doctors and professional medical attendants that work in an intensive care unit are highly proficient. They work diligently only to save lives. The equipment that is available in an intensive care unit is not necessarily found in other sectors of a hospital. ICU-trained nurses offer the most up-to-date equipment and their highly advanced level of expertise in every field of health care possible.
When does a person need an ICU nurse?
A person might need an ICU-trained nurse for chronic diseases, premature birth-related diseases, lung diseases, Paraplegia/ Quadriplegia, Neurological diseases, Endocrinology diseases, Heart conditions, Genetic diseases, etc Severe injury or any other condition that requires intensive health care at all times.
The life and well-being of our loved ones is the most valuable and precious thing to us. Seeing our loved ones in pain, undergoing treatment in a hospital, where they fail to receive any comfort or the warmth of their families makes the situation even more devastating. With the assistance provided by ICU trained nurses at home, we can watch them recover in front of our own eyes.
An ICU trained nurse has a lot of responsibilities and health care standards to achieve. Therefore, these nurses are very attentive and keep every minute detail in account. Moreover, these nurses make sure to maintain a friendly and compassionate behavior toward the patients to build a healing environment for the ones under care. They are rapid thinkers and proactive in making right decisions in the blink of an eye. 
A few major responsibilities and services provided by an ICU trained nurse include:
Monitoring, maintaining and evaluating patient’s recovery progress.
Create plans for effective and immediate care.
Monitoring and managing patient’s vital signs.
Care and treatment of wounds to prevent infection.
Providing nutrition for the critically ill patients.
Expert handling of IV Lines.
Management and maintenance of IV Lines.
Providing stoma care for the patients who are undergoing colostomy.
Taking measures such as fluid administration in order to restore and maintain blood volume.
Ventilator care for patients, including provision and maintenance of ventilator equipment.
Administration of required medicines for a wholesome recovery.
Pressure area care.
Mobilization therapy.
Advantages of At-home ICU trained nurses:
At-home intensive care service provided by nurses is more economical than the one provided at a hospital. It cuts the expenditures of hospital visits and saves both tax-payer and Medicare money. With the current advancement in technology and the services provided by “Holistic HealthCare Services” you can now have access to an intensive care unit at your own home.

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