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best gun cleaning kit .22 .357 for sale Totonto

best gun cleaning kit .22 .357 for sale Totonto

best gun cleaning kit .22 .357 for sale Totonto tob outdoors sell best gun cleaning kit .22 .357,gun cleaner,gun cases, gun sling,shooting target,hunting bags,bunting vest,Hunting Gear For Sale in Ontario.

Materials are solid BRASS and ALUMINUM, The hardness of brass is lower than that of the barrel, so perfect to avoid damaging your barrel. If you are confused by the broken plastic jags on the rod, Then our brass material is very suitable for you.

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1 Empty Bottle - 30ml, 4 Brass Jag, 4 Cotton Mops, 4 Bronze Bore Brush, large and small Brass Slotted Tips, metal gun cleaning pick, Nylon Brush, 2 Sections Rifle Rods, 1 T - handle, 50 pcs Clean Patches.

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Every gun Cleaning accessories are organized in their own compartments. Keeps everything neatly organized, the size:6.5'' x 4.3'' x 2.16'', Very convenient to carry.

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This universal gun cleaning kit almost suitable for all types handgun cleaning. Each of our parts is printed with the corresponding caliber number, even if you are not a professional cleaner, It is very convenient to select the corresponding size.This cleaning kit provides all the supplies you needed to keep your guns in perfect condition! NOTE: .357 .380 9mm are essentially the same size. Rest assured to use, will not damage your barrel.

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The kit is easy to use and compact. It fits well in my small range bag. I recently bought a used gun with some carbon buildup. The hopps solution I used to dissolve it wasn’t enough for some of the stubborn parts. The brushes in this kit worked well to gently remove the remaining carbon buildup.

For those with multiple calibers of pistol use this is a very compact kit and the size of the rods for attaching scrubbers, patches etc. is way more convenient than using one designed for a rifle.

One of the best all in one small gun cleaning kits there is !!! Very well made and thought out. Everything that can be made out of metal instead of Plastic has been. Much better than most! !!! I would definitely recommend this gun cleaning kit to anyone.

New gun owner of only a single gun. This kit was nice and cheap and had everything I was looking for, except gun oil, in a nice clean little package.
Clamshell case fits nicely in my small gun safe.

Bought my first gun - you know, 2A and "Castle Defense" just in case. Shoots 45 and 410 shellshot so I needed a kit to cover that. The kit itself covers many calibers and for the price would seem to be a great buy for some with more weapons.

Compact cleaning kit. Perfect to keep in a "range bag" so it is always accessible with the handgun.

Great set in a small container. I have nothing to complain about, really enjoyed this.


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