IVR Dubbing - The New Way of Advertising

IVR Voice Overs are becoming an inevitable part of telemarketing campaigns. It is one of the ways to up-sell the prospect.

IVR Voice Overs are becoming an inevitable part of telemarketing campaigns. It is one of the ways to up-sell the prospect. It is also a good way to communicate information about your products and services to the prospect. IVR or Interactive Voice Response is a method where the prospect's voice is inserted into the prospect's call to talk to him or her. It is mostly used in radio and TV commercials.

IVR has different advantages over other traditional methods. The quality of the voice can be enhanced by inserting a voice over. It is more personal. There are many options for the customization of the IVR script. There are some other features like recording the response of the customer, recording the name of the caller, recording the sales pitch etc.

In Today's Competitive Business Scenario

Every business wishes to differentiate itself from its competitors. To do so, it needs a perfect blend of creativity and technical know-how. Using Interactive Voice Response, you can easily get a competitive edge over your competitors. It allows you to personalize your telemarketing campaign to a great extent.

IVR allows a company to interact with its customers. Instead of concentrating on the boring traditional sales materials, Interactive Voice Response offers a new dimension to customer-company interaction. The script can contain your personal message to the customer. You can emphasize upon the special offers or discounts on your products. You can offer incentives or rewards to your clients and encourage them to buy your product.

IVR gives the option to incorporate your company's corporate address in the call. This makes the customer feel that he is talking to a company in his own home. This also allows you to promote your company's image. Imagine how different your business will look and feel with the addition of your company's address on your IVR recording.

A Major Advantage of IVR Is That It Helps You Increase

Your sales conversion rates. The process calls are highly interactive and encouraging. The messages get directly to the point. The customer knows what he is expected to do. The quality of the voice over is such that the call will not be answered by anyone other than the person who took the call. This adds to the personalization of the business calling and also increases the company's credibility.

Voice Overs IVR Dubbing is a cost effective solution to all your business phone requirements. It can be customized to suit your requirements for better results. It can be integrated with your existing IVR system. It is easy to use and easy to add new contacts to your list, based on the customer profile information.

IVR is simple to implement in your existing business phone systems. IVR is one of the best solutions for small to medium sized businesses. It has a high success rate in terms of customer retention. It is a cost-effective way of increasing your revenues. Your customers will enjoy your personalized service https://dy-namic.com.

There are three ways IVR can be implemented

Through IVR recording, call recording and live IVR calls. If the call comes in late, the caller will not be charged for it. The charges are applicable only if the call comes in at the right time. Live calls are highly successful in fetching new clients.

Customizing a IVR is the first step. Once this is done, the next step is to record your voice through the microphone. You can record your voice through the headset, computer, tablet or portable media player. This will be followed by the customization of the voice, which includes adding the name of the company and creating the picture of the company's logo.

IVR Allows You to Personalize Your Calls

You can ask customers to speak only by name, if they want. You can tell them to repeat the number or ask for their preferences, if you want them to talk to the receptionist. Another feature of IVR is that you can also ask them to repeat their names while talking to the company representative.

IVR can provide a very good way of advertising for your company. You can use it as a means of introducing the company to a customer and letting them know about your company's products and services. You can also direct them towards the nearest branch or office of your company. All these features and options are available only through IVR dubbing.


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