Why domain registration is important for your business?

Every business that wants to take its place on a digital platform needs to register its website domain. It adds credibility to the business and recognizes the brand in the market.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the building block of any website which points to the online presence of a business. A domain name is the web address used by search engines to redirect users to the website. When a business registers a domain name, it gets an IP address, a string of digits used by the search engine to locate a website on the server. The business should select a domain name that is easy to remember and represents the company well. With a simple domain name, the customers can easily remember the business. A domain name is a combination of alphabets and digits, there can have a hyphen in between. There are many domain name resellers available in the market, the user can select the plan according to his convenience.


What is the relation between domain name registration, websites, and web hosting?

Domain names, websites, and web hosting are the key elements that support the online presence of a website. When the user searches for a web address, the search engine sends a request to the server and requests access to the web pages. By using a domain name reseller service, your business can enter the market with a unique identity. While a web hosting service makes your website available to users on the internet.


Why domain registration is important for your business?

  • Add Credibility to Your Business: With a domain name, a business can get instant credibility and enter the market as a unique identity. With a domain name, customers can learn more about your business and the services you offer. By using a domain name reseller service, your business can create a vibrant online image. A domain name can aware more people about your brand. With a custom domain, it will be easier to target customers, they will remember the name and pass it to others. When a business owns a domain name, it can easily transfer it to another host. Without a domain name, the business will have to change URLs and can lose its customers. 
  • Domain name sets user expectations: Online users have a certain expectation for domain names. A business needs to make sure that they meet the level. The right domain name can boost the progress of your business. 
  • Choose branded areas when available: For developing a brand, there are many fields a business can follow to develop a brand image. A domain name helps people recognize your brand. A business must include essential keywords in the domain name to get a better ranking in the searched results. 


How to choose the right domain reseller?

  • Pricing and Registration Period: The first thing an individual and business consider before buying service is its price. Some domain registrars offer low prices for their packages, but there are hidden costs. The minimum domain name reseller service is for one year. Most businesses register a domain for 1 year and renew it afterward. The user can check if there are any additional fees for transferring domain, renewal, and other charges.
  • Domain Transfers: A business can move from its domain from one web host to another due to many reasons. After registering the domain, the business has to wait 60 days to transfer the domain. Domain name resellers offer free domain migration services to their customers. The user must review the domain transfer policy before making a decision.
  • Domain Expiration Policies: A business can only register a domain for a specific period. If the business forgets to renew the domain policy, any other user can register the domain. A business can also use the auto-renewal feature to avoid such complications. When a business loses a domain name, it can harm the image of the business and can lose many customers. 


What are the top domain name providers?

  • Hostaroos: Hostaroos is an Australian platform that offers scalable web and domain hosting services. Our company offers the best domain name reseller services at an affordable rate. Hostaroos offers the best domain extensions sorted into categories. The domain name reseller also offers renewal services with a range of web hosting packages. The user gets access to advanced domain management tools to manage privacy, transfers, email account, and other services.
  • Domain.com: Domain.com is one of the best domain name reseller service providers. The company offers all top-level domain name extensions along with country code. The company offers a domain search tool that allows you to search for the type of domain you want. Domain.com has more than 20 years of experience in providing the best domain name reseller services.  
  • Bluehost: Bluehost is one of the largest domain name reseller service providers and is an official WordPress hosting partner. The company provides domain name reseller services to small businesses. The domain name reseller service provider offers its customers to add subdomains, professional emails, and malware protection. 
  • Network Solutions: Network Solutions is a well-known domain name reseller that serves more than 7 million domains. The company offers a wide range of domain extensions such as com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, and all other TLDs. Being one of the best domain name resellers, the company also offers web hosting, security tools, email address, and SEO services. Network Solutions is a top domain name reseller company that offers a search tool to quickly see available domains.
  • HostGator: HostGator is a popular domain name reseller provider that offers a nice selection of extensions to its customers. The company is an all-in-one shop for a website, from registering a domain to hosting a website to DNS management. The domain name reseller also provides user-friendly domain migration services and free domain names with its hosting plans.
  • GoDaddy: GoDaddy is a top domain name reseller company that serves more than 77 million domain names. The company offers highly competitive domain names extensions to its customers. GoDaddy's domain name reseller company allows the user to transfer a domain, rename servers, manage the bulk domain, and more. The company also offers web hosting, web development and marketing services.


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