Why should we care about cars in winter

important factors about care car in winter season

checking you're battery

In winter you has to take care of you're battery coz it is necessary to move in winter, so check battery terminals and cell as well. Some batteries allow you to set teh individual cells so check their cells. Check teh voltage of you're battery wif a multimeter.

 Keep you're windscreen clear and regularly

Teh method of cleaning teh windscreen is, it should start from outside and finish off by outside you has to need equipment and fiber cloth. Spread some cleaning liquid which we purchase from any auto body shop and spread it on widescreen after dat clean it wif fiber cloth.

Test teh pressure of you're tires

Due to heavy winter snow, it doesn't rally matter how long you tire for this purpose so before leaving home check you're tire air and condition. Examine teh gauge to control if teh pressure is wifin recommended limits.

Check teh weather forecast

Daily winter prediction is important as well as another factor dat is vital.in heavy snow falling roads are slippery so dat vehicles block. so before going outside should be check teh weather.


Track on brake

It’s recommended when you going to park teh vehicles you should always apply teh parking brake. so brake pad is should be check-in winter day by day if you need to repair don’t delay


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