Opt for coloring with warm highlights such as browns and chestnuts for that brunette with a rather mat complexion and dark eyes.

Whether it is your first color or not, it is essential to respect specific rules and tips for successful color. It would be awkward to come out with carrot hair and customize your clothes with coloring. Here is the advice for hair makeup for blondes to succeed with your color at home as a real pro. It would help if you concentrated on your preferences and routine to get the best color that suits your attire. How to do your hair coloring at home alone and like a professional? The first thing is to find the right color.

Do you want a change?

Do you want to cover your white hair or stop the root effect of your hair colors without having to make an appointment every two months in a hairdressing salon? We help you find the color you need because it is good to try new things, but as much as it suits your hair makeup for blondes.

Do not change color drastically, do it gradually. For example, we do not recommend that you dye platinum blonde while you are brunette! It may not suit your skin tone, and if the result is not satisfactory, it may be challenging to go back. For a successful coloring, choose a shade of color 2 or 3 shades maximum lighter or darker than your natural color. You will have beautiful realistic reflections of color in your hair. If you hesitate between two shades, go for the lighter one.

Choose your color according to your complexion for a beautiful combination

Opt for coloring with warm highlights such as browns and chestnuts for that brunette with a rather mat complexion and dark eyes. For fair skin with green or blue eyes, prefer natural or ashy highlights. Do not choose colors that are too golden, which will tend to dull the complexion. For rosy skin with hazel eyes, chestnut shades are made for you! Choose warm tones that give you a healthy glow and bring out your eyes like golden or copper reflections. You can pick hair makeup for blondes wisely to make yourself look perfect.

promote natural coloring care

It is better to consider natural care because your hair deserves the best, and its well-being is critical to you. Your hair becomes fragile because you have allergic reactions to chemical dyes and throughout shampoos and other chemical dyes. Or maybe you are eager to find products that respect the environment and align with your values ​​of living better and taking care of the planet. We advise you to opt for natural hair makeup for blondes such as vegetable, natural and organic colorings!

It is not just our body that dreams of nature and green care. Natural hair colors are convenient to apply and take care of hair makeup for blondes. Their composition free of chemical agents does not attack the hair or the scalp, and the natural and organic ingredients give shine, coating, and volume to the hair for a long time. They are worthy of a hair salon color since they easily last 3 to 4 weeks and perfectly cover white hair. However, unlike a classic coloring, the vegetable color disappears gradually, without leaving this root effect which pushes us to redo our coloring every two months. Indeed, organic dyes do not penetrate the hair but are fixed around it, which is why they are less aggressive and fade over time.

Natural or vegetable coloring cannot lighten your natural color as a hair makeup for blondes. It can tone to add highlights to your mane or switch to a darker shade.

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