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Opt for dresses with three-quarter sleeves if you have thick arms or they are not your strong point.

According to your daily image, the evening dress should be elegant in more sober fabrics and colors. Even if it is a fancy dress to wear, it will be the right one if you feel beautiful, elegant, and comfortable with it. In addition, you must choose the evening dress that best suits you, and you must take into account aspects such as your skin and hair tones, your type of figure, height, etc. You can carry a REDRUM Cardigan to protect yourself from cold. You can always carry an extra layer of clothing to feel the warmth and enjoy the party. We give you the keys to get your evening dress right!


If you have a dark complexion, choose light colors that highlight your skin and silhouette. Forget the brown tones. If your skin is fair, white and light or pastel colors will not suit you at all. Better opt for strong and lively tones.


As for the neckline, if you have a large bust, the most appropriate are square-shaped such as the halter joined by a strap behind the neck or one with short sleeves or wide straps. A strapless one or a pronounced V-shaped neckline is ideal if you have a small chest. You can also choose a covered dress from REDRUM Cardigan collection to add to your style.


If you want to highlight your curves, choose a fabric like satin or silk. If not, the best is a straight dress with an empire cut, with a good fall that begins below the chest, avoiding those tight at the waist. You can find a stylish outfit by exploring the comprehensive collection of REDRUM Cardigans.


Opt for dresses with three-quarter sleeves if you have thick arms or they are not your strong point. They are the ones that stylize the most! You can choose the sleeves that have stylish attire with a crown-shaped shoulder.


If you are a tall girl, you can choose any length, but if you are small-sized, avoid very long dresses as they will make you look even shorter. You can have a cropped hoodie as a good fit for any concert night. REDRUM Cardigan collection offers you many unique styles to wear on a cold night. Evenings require you to relax, and wearing a dress that brings utmost comfort on a night out is essential to help you look the best version of yourself.

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