The evacuation of green waste is carried out in bags, and the larger vegetable waste is deposited directly in the green waste dumpster or the truck.

You have just mowed your lawn, trimmed your hedge, cleared your garden, but you’re still unable to enjoy the desired outcomes due to the green waste? Well, you need GreenWave Tree Removal Services.

 Green waste includes all gardening waste (dead leaves), pruning (pruning of hedges, shrubs), tree cutting (trunk, branch), lawn mowing (grass), brush clearing (brushwood), and other plant waste from your park or garden. It is forbidden to burn green waste in your garden. Green waste must be removed quickly to be crushed, or composted o avoid the development of unpleasant odor. Green waste does not fall under the definition of green household waste, tree stumps, and stems of weevil palms. It relates to the waste from the garden and cutting down the trees.

Collection, Removal, and Disposal Of Green Waste

Green waste comes from mowing, pruning, and brush clearing your park or garden. They must be raked, picked up, and gathered in a place suitable for their extractions. GreenWave Tree Removal Services specializes in removing and disposing of green waste such as brush, grass, dead leaves, wilted flowers, moss, manure, straw, hay, ferns, bark, conifer needles, branches from the hedge, and grass pruning. It also includes shrub, pruning branches, trunk, branch, stump, sawdust from a tree cut, etc. The evacuation of green waste is carried out in bags, and the larger vegetable waste is deposited directly in the green waste dumpster or the truck.


Disposing of the Green Waste?

After removal, the green waste is transported to a composting center, where it is crushed, stockpiled, and watered until it is transformed into quality compost. GreenWave Tree Removal Services guarantee your waste delivery to approved channels to guarantee the recycling and recovery of green waste for better management of green waste.


Green Waste Disposal Tariff

The price of green waste disposal depends on the volume and type of waste removed. Lifting or cutting operations should be considered when extracting trunks or tree stumps or pruning to fit certain branches into the truck. The accessibility of plant residues to the truck must also be checked. To do this, we travel free for a first visit to carry out an inventory, identify the type of waste to be disposed of, and calculate the volume of waste to be removed. Without a commitment to purchase, an estimate will then be offered for intervention at your request by GreenWave Tree Removal Services, the same day or within 24 hours.


Call In A Specialist

GreenWave Tree Removal Services has been working for many years with companies, communities, and individuals on all types of disposal sites. Our company is an expert in the green waste disposal and guarantees you a quick, quality, and affordable pick-up and removal intervention.

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