The Majestic Owl is a new concept of NFT. An innovative way of investing in an interactive and useful way. A collection of 4444 unique NFTs. The goal of the project is to give real utility to NFTs, and that's what we want to do with ours, so not just a simple image that remains aslee

Soon the 4444 Majestic owls will be available to mint.
(explain in simple words)
The Majestic Owl is a new concept of NFT. An innovative way of investing in an interactive and useful way.
A collection of 4444 unique NFTs.
The goal of the project is to give real utility to NFTs, and that's what we want to do with ours, so not just a simple image that remains asleep in your wallets. No, a meaningful NFT that serves as a real investment.
The Majestic Owl will go on a mission trough out the Metaverse every month and come back after his exploration, and so he can come back with a reward it all depends on the rarity of your NFT. The rarer your NFT, the more chance you have for it to come back with rewards. (it will also later be possible to upgrade the Majestic Owl to increase his rarity.)

Your Owl can come back with many things! Like: -
NFTs from our project (will be revealed later), -
NFTs from other projects (Ape Yacht Club, Sandbox, etc..) -
cashprize -
luxury items, (Tickets, Rolex, etc..) -
and many more..
The Majestic owl never comes back empty-handed it offers the owner a price OR he offers to the earth, in fact our project participates very actively in ecological improvement. every time the Majestic Owl comes with empty hands a tree will be planted in the earth  
The rewards are financed thanks to the royalties and our eco system. It will also be possible to upgrade your Majestic OWL to protect it from predators prowling in the Metaverse. So the Majestic Owl still has real use

(And why you should have at least 1 in your Wallet)

The Majestic Owl is not for you to invest in an NFT that will just get old in your wallet. We want to give your asset a real utility, an interactive and smart way of investing. Your Owl will be alive, and able to go on journeys to bring you a part of the world to your window. Over time Your NFT can increase 5x, 10x, 100x, and even more... But what we are bringing to the table is more than that! We are talking about immediate returns… Because we want every holder to benefit from his owl and advance in his investment journey. Therefore, this can be seen as a long term but a short term investment as well (but keep in mind that this will be a fast-growing project. Being a long-time holder will be much more beneficial to the holder). We want to grow together, and in order to do that we are willing to put everything together for every single one of us to reach their ultimate investing goal.
You can also read ┃roadmap

As mentioned in the previous point, your Owl is going on journeys in the Metaverse to come back with rewards (based on it’s rarity). What can he get you? 
Perkament rolls(clues for rewarded mysterious riddles), 
Real life usable goods (film ticket, coupons...),
An amount of Crypto,
An amount of Cash,
Real life merchandise (plush,clothing piece....),
A valuable luxury item (Rolex,designer shoes...),
Car keys (Tesla,...),
high valued NFT assets (cryptopunk nft, sandbox land...),many more to come....
What if I mint a “basic” owl? Don’t worry, basic owls have the same ability to go on journeys and bring you rewards, but unfortunately these rewards might not be as valuable. But we are engaged to make everybody a winner! Therefore, whenever you have more than 1 owl of different gender you can let them breed in order to have a chance to get a rare Owl that will bring you way better rewards.

3) BEAUTIFUL REALISTIC DESIGN Detail by detail, we’ve tried to deliver a realistic, yet artistic design for every unique owl. We are working with extremely talented designers that are proudly putting their art in work for the project. Every single design is the product of hours of work to make you live the best experience with your owl. Our goal is for every single member of the community to feel proud of carrying and representing these designs everywhere. Therefore, do not forget to put one of the designs shared in ┃sneak-peek-picture on your social media profiles, and share with your friends and family. . 


We, the founders are working by multiple values. We do not want to do anything that will drive us out of our course of action. We want to win the trust of the community, because we believe that in every relation trust is a pillar. We will not participate in anything that will violate and disrupt our values. We stand by respect, honesty, peace, success and loyalty to all! To prove our dedication to what we stand, we will sanction even the STAFF members that don’t respect these towards the project and the community. If anything is going wrong, or you feel that these values are not respected by any of the STAFF or the COMMUNITY MEMBERS, you shall let us know as soon as possible through the ┃open-a-ticket We will take immediate action to resolve it and make sure that these values are respected by all. But, be aware that every successful project is a target to persecution. Scammers may try to attack. Therefore, we will ask you to be very vigilant. To help you recognizing them, know that NONE of the Majestic Owl staff members will ever message you in private. Everything will either be announced in the open channels of our discord and personal cases through the tickets you have yourself opened.

The project was built relying on the community. You will understand through the multiple contests and announcements that we want to build a strong community of loyal and faithful Owlers (= members of the community). Why? Because, this project does not belong to one person. It belongs to all of us! Day by day we’ve prepared to give and reward the most faithful Owlers to prove our dedication to not only the project but also to every member. We want every member to feel proud and secured of being part of this huge initiative This project goes beyond just the NFT’s. You can also check the ┃giveaway channel to be up to date. As stated before, we want every single one of us to reach his ultimate goal of investment. We believe that among us you might find your destiny helper. So, we will put everything to hand to organize Majestic Owl EVENTS to not be limited into investing only, but also promote the social aspect of our community to create opportunities that will help you to grow in your journey and reach personal goals

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