Pokemon Trading Card Game Mods

Mods in games are an incredible way to enhance the game's performance, graphics, or overall experience. The best part about them is that they can range from being cartoonish and goofy to professional game development, which, at times, might remaster the entire game.

Games like Skyrim, Fallout, and Oblivion are famous for the outrageous mods available online for them. Pokemon TCG isn't aloof of these incredible creations; in fact, there are mods to recreate the game in other ones. If you are not familiar with these mods, this article will get you up to date with the best ones!

Unlimited Money mod for Pokemon TCG 

This mod for the game will provide the user with many fantastic benefits and privileges to help them experience better gameplay. The list below states them all:

  • The user gets endless tokens.
  • They receive an infinite number of tickets.
  • Additionally, you get to mod the number of gems you have and the money you earn.


You can easily install this mod on your phone, and the interface in it is simplistic and user-friendly. It comes with the Data and OBB files to alter your game's resources and let you have a limitless number of items. It is advantageous and gives the player an edge over their opponents.


Once you have downloaded and installed the mod, you should keep these things in mind if you want to improve your deck and become a champion:

  • The game will start with a basic card and let you have a trainer and an energy card with you in the deck. 
  • You will need gems to buy items in the game, and this mod allows you to be rich easily. 
  • Always read the description of the cards carefully to make sure you make the right draw.
  • You can defeat anyone in the tournaments and ensure victory with limitless tokens and tickets!


If you want to download the mod for your game, you can easily find it online. 


Learn about Pixelmon TCG and how to use it

This mod is a lot more creative and entertaining than the last one since it has a lot of game development. At its core, Pixelmon mixes Pokemon redeem with the hit game Minecraft so that players get to play the former in the latter's environment and setting.


It's a massive project, and the success is a warranty for how well the developers have created it.  


If you're eager to understand what Pixelmon TCG does and how you can install it, then here is a summary:

  • The mod allows the players to collect, trade, and create a deck of playable cards through the use of blocks in Minecraft.
  • To try it yourself, download the mod from the internet. It is free to use, so you can go to the official website of Pixelmon.
  • Move the jar file from your downloads to the folder where mods should be.
  • Now, join a Pixelmon server, and you can interact/compete with players who also have the mod in Minecraft.


Things to know about the mod's gameplay:

  • In the game, you will get to build your deck with the help of essence and PokeDollars, which are essential mechanics present in this mod. 
  • Players need to make a deck before they can start battling other players. The rules for a match remain the same for the mod as they are in the original game. 
  • Crafting recipes include - Deck Holders, Card Binders, Card Disenchanter, Card Printer, normal and three-card compendiums, and a Battle Box 4000. 


The mod works well with the game and doesn't cause glitches or bugs during gameplay. 


More about Pokemon TCG

The game came out in the late 90s when Pokemo.com/redeem initially became famous. It is a card-collecting game where the player has to role-play as a Trainer looking to compete with others and become a champion. Building a solid deck with both Attack and Defense stats is how to win this game. 


A player can employ many strategies and methods when choosing their decks. The cards consist of Basic, Evolved, Energy, and Trainer ones with different functions. As a player, your main goal is to defeat the opponent's deck and eliminate all of their Pokemon.



Pokemon mods have built a cult following with how much effort their creators put into them. The work is creative and often helps constructively push the original game. Our favorite card mod is Pixelmon due to its attention to detail and vast catalog of card types. We recommend you check it out for yourself.


While there are other mods for this game, these two are the most prominent ones you can rely on.


Install the ones you like most and freshly go through the new content. Tell us in the comments if you know of any other mods for this Pokemon card game!





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