The Bubbles of life - "Kul" Carbonated Water Maker

The Bubbles of life - "Kul" Carbonated Water Maker

The Bubbles of Life and Hydration

Carbonated water at the touch of a button. No more going out for your favorite spritzers. It's time to turn your home hydration problem into an all-encompassing solution. The "Kul" carbonated water maker gives you access to hot, cold, sparkling or ambient water for whatever you might desire. All at the push of a button. The next generation of hydration is amongst us.


Gone are the days of having to go through a tremendous hassle for a hot cup or a cold glass of water, depending on the weather. The "Kul" carbonated water maker is an ideal partner throughout the year, no matter the temperature outside. The "Kul" allows you to get whatever temperature you desire with every glass.


The "Kul" carbonated water maker has a built-in touch screen display that gives you access to all of its wonderful features.


A Bubbly Lifestyle


The "Kul" lifestyle is hassle-free, convenient, and a one-stop solution for years to come. The "Kul" ecosystem available at verykul website is built around customer satisfaction and quick resolutions. The "Kul" carbonated water maker has a proprietary bio-filtration system titled "Ultimate Filtration". The serious, commercial-grade filter delivers all the purity you need.


Leaving everything else behind, giving you the perfect glass of water. Impurities ranging from chlorine, lead, and bacterial cysts to pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and other chemicals. The "Kul" carbonated water maker eliminates upwards of 80+ contaminants in your water. making your family healthier and safer with each glass.


The "Kul" carbonated water maker has an easy-to-change feature built into it for quick filter replacements when needed. Simply open the easy access door, twist the filter and remove it. Replace the new filter and twist it back into place.


The plant-based renewable carbon adds to the list of superior ingredients that make "Kul" filtration the best in class. Each filter has coconut shell carbon that is thermally activated to create a micro-pore structure. The powder is then compressed into a uniform block for maximum retention of contaminants.


The "Kul" carbonated water maker is also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint on the earth. 60 million plastic bottles are trashed every day. The earth is drowning in disposable plastic bottles from packaged beverages, including bottled water and more. Every minute, 1 ton of garbage is tossed into the oceans of our planet. It's time we reduce plastics and choose more sustainable, solution-based renewable alternatives.


The "Kul" is built on those principles, eliminating not only the use of single-use plastics but also mitigating the wastage of dispensed water. The smart dispense technology ensures that the "Kul" learns your schedule and goes into a power-saving sleep mode when not in use. This further helps reduce your power consumption and thereby reduces the strain on the earth.


The "Kul" carbonated water maker is available in an assortment of colors to meet your perfect hydration space. Be it your kitchen, a recreational room, or even a home gym. The "Kul" carbonated water maker can be connected either directly into your existing water outlet or be used with a sidekick reservoir available verykul website. It's time to take a step towards the future with the best in class carbonated water maker.

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