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If you want to wash your vehicle's interior without the help of chemical products, you will have to turn to steam cleaning.


Maintaining the interior of your vehicle is essential to provide the best possible driving comfort. Of all the methods, steam cleaning is the best. It is economical, efficient, and completely serves the purpose of interior mobile detailing services. It has various advantages for keeping your car clean and hygienic.


  • Vacuums, washes, and dries in one go
  • Kills up to 99.9% of bacteria
  • It is effective on all surfaces (plastics, glass, carpets, and fabrics)

Steam cleaning has many advantages, one of which is that it does not require any chemicals. In addition, this process is very economical.

Chemicals In The Closet

Multi-surface disinfectant, spray for windows, waterproofing, scrubber, cleaner, etc. All of these detergents have one thing in common: they all contain chemicals. If you want to wash your vehicle's interior without the help of these products, you will have to turn to steam cleaning. More ecological, steam washing is also particularly effective. However, if you are faced with stubborn stains, interior mobile detailing services are suitable for your car.


Savings Of All Kinds


Unlike a standard process, steam cleaning is very economical. Starting with its electricity consumption. With its low electrical power (between 900 W for the less powerful and up to 1600 W for the most powerful), this cleaning only needs a few minutes to prove its worth. Its energy requirement is therefore very low. Then, it is very water efficient. Only a few centiliters of water are needed to clean the interior of your vehicle properly. Usually, a 1-liter tub can be used for half an hour of cleaning.


Ultra-Efficient Washing


In addition to its ecological and economical aspect, steam cleaning has the other advantage of eliminating all bacteria thanks to its intense heat and carrying out a three-in-one cleaning to meet interior mobile detailing services.


Intense Heat To Kill All Bacteria


Steam cleaning is the most effective method for the interior of your car. Water heated to high temperatures (between 150 ° C and 170 ° C) eliminates 99.9% of bacteria. The heat allows, among other things, to loosen chewing gum stuck to the seats, sterilize and dust your ventilation systems, or remove small residues that can be found inside a vehicle (gravel, hair from animals, mold, etc.). Steam cleaning is also intractable against dust mites and any other allergen. It works very well on dashboards, seats, and windows. Water heated to over 100 ° C (boiling water temperature) allows uniform washing of all your glass surfaces, including windows, mirrors, mirrors, etc., to meet all the requirements of interior mobile detailing services.


A Three-In-One Wash


In addition, this all-in-one cleaning mode allows you to vacuum, clean, and dry your car's interior in just one action. Between 3 and 6 bars, the pressure allows you to do everything in a considerable saving of time. It is then no longer necessary to pass several times over stubborn stains to remove them.


Final Thoughts:


If you go for interior mobile detailing services, bad smells disappear very easily, and the interior of your car will be like new. Be careful, though, with cleaning leather surfaces that may require the use of specific products. The heat on this material can make it more tender and degrade it.

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