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What are IoT smart home devices?

The devices that are connected to the internet to send and receive data are called IoT smart home devices. When a device is connected to a network, it forms a smart home system that allows devices to communicate with each other and perform the user-required functions.

Smart home devices are designed to provide the maximum level of comfort and convenience to homeowners. These devices have the latest technology and can automate daily life tasks such as turning off the lights, setting the room temperature, lock the doors, and more. Moreover, these devices can also be used to perform other functions for example when you open your front door the home lights and the AC should be turned on to welcome you.

What are the basic features of IoT smart home devices?

  • Wi-Fi connectivity: A smart device has a Wi-Fi connectivity feature that allows the device to be connected to a smart home system. When connected to a network, the user can use multiple devices with help of an app or voice command. Smart home devices, virtual assistants, and the app must be connected to the same network.
  • Easy set-up: These devices are easy to set up and do not require a technical installation process. To set up the devices, they must be turned on, connected to the network and the app and your job is done. It is as simple as it seems.
  • Security: The data recorded by smart home gadgets are protected by layers of security. These devices help prevent unauthorized access from tampering with the data. There is a QR code setup and cloud storage, which can only be accessed with the connected devices and the password.
  • Automation control: The main job of a smart device is to provide automation control to the user. A smart home consists of multiple home devices and allows the user to use the functions of these devices automatically such as all the lights will be turned off at night, the doors will be locked and other house-related tasks.
  • Alerts: Smart home devices are equipped with different technologies such as PIR motion sensors, infrared sensors, and actuators. When these devices detect something, an alert message is sent to the user. This alert message is the information that someone is in the house or outside the house trying to get in. the homeowner can immediately call the police if he suspects the person.
  • Compatibility: Smart devices are compatible with other devices, apps of different operating systems like Android and iOS, and virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Multiple devices can be used to create a scene and perform different functions simultaneously.

Experience home automation in different ways with IoT smart home devices

  • Smart home care: With help of IoT smart devices home tasks can be automated. Devices such as smart home switches and outlets let you control the on/off status of every appliance. No matter where you are if the device is no longer needed you can simply turn it off with an app. For example, when you are at work and you get an alert message of electricity fluctuation. You can use the app to turn off all of your home devices and avoid short circuits.
  • Smart home security: A smart home device guards your home in your absence. Smart devices like security locks and the camera let you monitor what is happening inside and outside of your home. Smart lock alerts you if they detect a motion, this way you can view who is at your home in your absence. Smart security cameras have wide-angle lenses that record all of the areas around your home, if a stranger is at your doorstep with deliveries, you can confirm it, or if someone is acting suspiciously you can also communicate with them to let them know you are at home.
  • Smart nurseries: People who work have to leave their children at home. With help of smart devices, they can monitor their kids, know when they went out, and who arrived home these devices have sensors and can alert you if someone is trying to break in into your home so you can take protective measures.
  • Entertainment: You can use smart home devices for your entertainment such as you can create custom scenes, use IFTTT and time-scheduled operations. For example, you can set the devices in a way that when you turn on speakers the TV should be turned off. There are numerous other ways the devices can be used.
  • Smart pet care: If you have pets you will have to leave them alone while going to work. You can keep an eye on your pets and instruct them if there are trying to play around with furniture and other things. You can see if they have eaten their food, what they are doing and no one tries to steal them.
  • More smart options: You can customize your devices according to floors and rooms. As every person has a different preference, you can create custom settings for each room. You can control the speed of fans, the brightness of lights, and the temperature of the AC or heater.

Are IoT smart devices safe to use?

No technology can guarantee 100% security. The same is the case with smart home devices, they do have layers of security but the data route can be tracked by professional hackers. According to the reports, every 15 seconds a home is being robbed. About 17% of the homes have a camera installed and have prevented crimes. A human is not able to monitor his house 24/7, but a smart home device can record videos despite the weather and light conditions. It will be a smart choice to have security cameras and locks installed in your homes.

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