Broadcast home lighting system with smart switches

Have you ever thought that the lights should turn off automatically while you are watching TV? A few years back it was not possible but modern technologies have now made it happen. A smart lighting system used with an app or voice commands efficiently carries out every function requested b

How do smart light switches differ from regular switches?

Smart light switcheswork similarly to regular switches but have modern architecture. These switches use a 2.4 GHz network protocol to communicate to the network and perform user-required functions. Smart switches work with neutral wires that do not require a complete wiring installation. These devices produce more efficient results as compared to regular switches and also have an easy setup process.

Broadcast your home lighting system with smart switches Australia

  • Remote control:

    A smart switch is one of the most basic home automation devices. It is not only easy to use but also provides you remote access to your home. A homeowner has complete control over his smart power switches either by using a smartphone app or voice command. Even when you are at work or traveling, you can monitor and control your switches.
  • Statistics report:

    Smart switches provide the homeowner with a statistics report that involves details of the energy consumption. Statistics report also show the status of each switch, the duration each switch was on, and the estimated electricity cost. This will help homeowners to turn off the unnecessary switches and save extra costs.
  • Custom settings:

    Traditional switches did not offer customization. A smart switch allows you to customize the setting of each device connected to it. Whether it is the brightness level of lights, speed of the fan, or temperature of the cooling device. The app saves the settings of each switch and the same settings apply the next time the homeowner uses the device.
  • Scene creation:

    You can use smart dimmer switches to create the perfect environment for your work. You can use any of your home appliances and adjust their settings. The user can edit the created scene by using an app and delete it if no longer required.
  • IFTTT:

    The IFTTT function lets you use multiple smart home devices. For example, when you turn on the lights you want your entertainment systems to turn off. Or when at night, the lights turn off, the doors get locked. You can adjust your smart home devices the way you like and automate your premises.
  • Time-schedule operations:

    You can also use automated operations with smart switches. For example, you want your home lights to turn on in the morning to help you wake up. After you leave home for work, the lights should turn off. All of this is possible with smart light switches. You can program the switches the way you like and make your life more convenient.
  • Home security system:

    Smart switches can integrate with your home security system. You can program the switches to act in a certain way when the security devices detect a force. For example, you want your home lights and alarm to turn on when someone tries to open the locked door. This will help prevent criminals from breaking in and you can protect your home in your absence.
  • Geofencing feature:

    The most advanced feature of the smart dimmer switchis that it can also work by tracking the location of the homeowner. The switches mark a radius and the switches turn off if they detect you are out of range. The geofencing feature helps homeowners save costs and protect their devices from electricity failure.
  • Protect your devices:

    The appliances connected to the smart switches require a stable connection to work. The smart switches also have an overheat and overload protection feature. This feature helps maintain stability and protects appliances from damage.

Smart light switches

Why buying a smart switch is a good choice?

People who work have to hurry up in the morning to complete their chores and other tasks. During this hassle, they might forget to turn off the lights. At night when they return, they realize that the lights were on during the day. With a smart switch even if you forget to turn off the light, you can view the status via an app. If you leave your home alone, you might worry that if someone breaks in or tries to damage your house. The switches have sensors installed and can send you an alert message when they detect a motion. These devices can also update you about the happenings in your house.

You can use these switches via an app to turn on the AC and lights and create a cozy environment by laying on the couch. Even if you are unable to find your TV remote, you will not miss your favorite show. You can ask your virtual assistant to turn on the TV and browse for your desired channel. You can also adjust the volume of the TV while using an app. So buying a smart switch is probably a good choice.

What are the drawbacks of smart light switches?

A main disadvantage of the smart light switch is that is the connection breaks down between the smartphone and devices can perform no function. The sensors used in the switches can sometimes send extra notifications to the user. This can be a turn-off for the user and he might not pay attention to important notifications. Interfree has resolved all of these problems, their products work even without an internet connection. The devices have advance technology and send only real-time alerts to the user.

Interfree is an Australian company that develops smart home products. We offer a wide range of smart home products ranging from home controllers to security devices. If you are looking forward to automating your home with the best smart home devices, contact us.

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